Bridging the Gap

In Property Finance

Your Gateway to Financial Freedom. Fast and flexible finance to borrowers, great, stable returns for investor. Join the leading European – Latinoamerican market for property-backed loans today and change your financial future. 

Safety equal an invest in properties.


This is best way to invest in properties projects.


From your home or offices, you could invest to European and Latin american market and diversify your investment.


Weighted risk

An Investor will never be 100% financially committed to a loan contract. Wayni reduces a risk in the evaluation process.

Free fees

Wayni does not charge any fees for using the platform or investing. Explore wide investment opportunities.

Best Interest

Compare banking market, Investors earn better great interest.


Once We release a project to our investor tool, the funding round starts. As soon as a project is fully funded ( which can take as little as a few minutes ) the contracts are signed and the money is released to the loan applicant.


Wayni utilizes wide-ranging risk assessment technology to analyze hundreds of data points in support of the decisions made by our credit team.

From the hundreds of applications originating in different European and Latin american countries every month, we only release.


The borrowers make their repayments according to the agreed repayment schedule while the investors can track all repayments on their personal portfolio page.



Investment Opportunities

Explore these real estate projects and strart to earn interest