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How to raise additional capital ?

You have a good investment idea and a reasonable track record, but you are lacking necessary capital?


Need capital?


Traditional bank lending has become less and less available since the last financial crisis as regulations change and banks’ preferences are tilted towards financing large corporations. Applying for a bank loan is a time-consuming and complex process with a highly unpredictable result. It is not uncommon to see good companies with excellent projects receive inferior credit offers or being rejected at all.

Fast growing crowdfunding industry is changing the way companies used to fund their activities by bypassing financial intermediators and creating direct connections between investors and companies. 

High-quality or high-potential projects are in high demand and can be funded in minutes after being published. 

Crowdestate aims to provide you with a full capital stack – from senior loans to mezzanine debt to equity.

Why Crowdestate?

Finding funding and servicing the loan is easy. Just fill the electronic application on our website or send us an e-mail. Your project could be fully funded soon! Fill the application here

Once we have approved your project, and opened it on our website, you will have access to thousands of investors to fund your project.

Crowdestate’s extensive experience with real estate and crowdfunding projects enables us to evaluate your project and if needed, suggest improvements. Providing comprehensive info to our investors will make their investment decision quick and easy.

You will at all times have a clear overview of our fees and the total cost of raising funds on Crowdestate platform.