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Our community earn great returns investing in pre-vetted, short term, property-backed loans in urope-Latin America on of the safest asset classes over time. Start your journey to financial freedom from as little as $50 and earn up to 12% per year.

Investment Opportunities

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How does it works ?

1. Register

Our registration process is streamlined for ease of use and speed. You simply create your account and submit proof of identify and bank account details. We'll check that everything is in order and notify you as soon as you're good to go.
2. Place fund in your virtual account

You can invest as little as $ 50 or as much as you want. Delivery any "know your customer" information we ask and you can start building.

3. Select a loan

You can browse all the property loans on Wayni and get full background information before choosing the ones you believe in. Or if prefer a more hands-off approach, you can activate the Auto Invest feature, set it up once, and let our state of the art technology make the investments for you.
4. Syndication

The Financing round can be open for up to two weeks, as investors commit loans until the project target is reached. If it fails to attract sufficient funding, your loan commitment is returned to your Virtual Account.
5. Funding

Once we've carefully vetted both the borrower and their loan application and they've successfully met all our drawdown conditions, the fund are released.
6. Payment

The borrower makes repayments on the principal amount and any interest according to the agreed schedule. As an investor, you can monitor this every step of the way in your Portfolio. Once the loan is fully repaid the funds are released your Virtual Account, from where they can be withdrawn easily or, better yet, reinvested in another project.


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